Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 47

So this week was fetching dope. Manchay is the bomb, I love it here! So this place is literally like clear up in the hills above La Molina and it is straight dust like there is the main road that is paved and like a couple of others but the rest is dirt but it is sic. We live in like a cave. Our house is super trash and dark and cold so we are gonna find another. I sleep with a sweater and hat and sweats because we are so high up we are like in the clouds but it is cool so don't be worried. We live with Elder Peña from Cusco and Elder Farnsworth from my group from Boise. It is super fun in our room haha. My companion, Elder Garate, is honestly a boss. Like I said, he was the assistant to the President a couple of months ago and he has read every book of scripture we have and literally knows so much doctrine and whatnot. He is teaching me so much. 

The first night when I got here he took a dry-erase marker and wrote all over our window with things that i needed to learn. Lets just say that the window is covered with stuff. I am learning slowly, one thing a time but I will get there. It was super weird to go to the district meeting and be in charge and go to the leadership meeting before and talk with the district leaders and ask for the indicators for the first time but it was cool. Literally my comp has created our mission, he has come up with all the ideas that president uses and whatnot it is dope. And besides that he is super funny and we have a great time. 

We have some awesome investigators here. We found like 3 families this week. The only thing we are working on is getting some of our investigators married because marriage practically doesn't exist here in Peru which is unfortunate but it can be done. The ward here is pretty sic too. La Molina is in our zone as well so we can go down to the grocery stores and whatnot, like I ate Pizza Hut today which was awesome. We also played some ball with Elder Anderson who is the District Leader, he is also from my group and is from Idaho Falls and we watched the movie The Croods. 

I'd also like to give Dad a S/O for Fathers Day. Hope you had a great day. I thought about you yesterday. I would've got you something dope if I were at home... Thanks for being a great dad and helping me out in everything always and for keeping me out here. 

So anyway this week is gonna be a weird week. We have the Council of the Twenty on Thursday, otherwise known as leadership council with President. It will be my first with him and my last. And then we have a multi-zone conference on Friday where we will say goodbye to him and sister Boswell and then on the 30th Pres. Amato gets here. It will be cool and weird to have so many changes.

But anyway I am just here in the dust on the top of the mountain just trying to do my best and learn what I can. SkyBison out. 

Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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