Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 48

So ya where do I start with this week?  We had our last goodbye with Pres. Boswell this week at our multi-zone conference. It wasn't my last goodbye because we saw him yesterday in our ward and again today and we will see him Wednesday but the rest of the mission said their last goodbyes and everything. It was pretty sad. He gave the last prayer and everyone was crying after. He was such a great president, a great example to me and he gave me a ton of great council. 

Our new mission president, President Amato, got to the Missionary Training Center last week and will be here Friday. the office is doing tons of preparation stuff for him. Pres. Boswell is just burning everybody on everything so that the mission is the best that it can be when he gets here. It's pretty exciting. We will have multi-zone meetings with the new president after he gets here so I will let you guys know next week how he is after we get a feel. 

Well, I got bit by another dog this week. It was super dumb. One of the converts here has this huge savage dog that protects her house. it was her birthday and we were looking for her because we had bought a cake for her and anyway to make the story short we were walking around going to the school and her friend's houses wherever she might be. Anyway, her mom who is ancient, took the dog out and we were just sitting there below the hill in the street waiting for the bus and the dog came from behind and bit just below the right pocket on my pants. Haha it ripped my nice blue pants and it peeled away a little skin but nothing too bad. We are investigating to see if it has gotten its shots...nothing yet. I don't think it is anything to be worried about. 

So today we moved... Elder Garate and I had to go to the offices this morning and get the guarantee money and then we came back and had to pack up all of our stuff. The other elders had called a moving van. We were burning stuff in the back because other elders had left a ton of crap and we are responsible for cleaning out our "Cave" that is how it is known here in the mission because it's so dark, cold and damp. The moving truck came and we loaded everything in and it drove clear up the hill, pretty ghetto, and we unloaded everything in like a half hour, passing it through the window of the apartment on the second floor to be able to make it here to the internet cafe. Haha we haven't even eaten lunch but the move was pretty legendary, we literally moved everything in like an hour total. So ya we are hyped for the new apartment because the last one was trash. We still have to go clean it out and everything though. 

On Saturday we went out working with the Missionary Training Center elders who are training in our area. We went with some kid from South Carolina. It is pretty weird to see them and imagine that I was in their shoes way back when, not understanding anything. He was freaking out because it was so dusty and there were dogs in the streets and that we invited a lady to baptism and she accepted. I kinda miss being so excited about those things but its chill, I have new responsibilities to focus on right now that I am excited about. hahaha I got corrected by one of the teachers from the Training center. I had to welcome the new missionaries and tell them what we were gonna do, in English and it was super weird, but anyway I said "you guys" and their teacher had served a mission in SLC and thought he was the man and told me that they were "elders and sisters" and that the term "guys" is slang. I said sorry that I didn't know that since I am just a native English speaker and he told me that it was no excuse so I was pretty burned about that. haha

I did my first divisions this week with Elder Anderson. He is like my twin practically. He is from Twin Falls, he played ball and everything. It was fun to talk to him.  We stayed up late talking about life and whatnot. I've eaten hamburgers like 3 times this week because there is this place in our area that is super good and cheap. 
Anyway, I think that is about it. We should have at least one baptism this month. I am going to go to my first Council of the Twenty this Wednesday. My first and last with President Boswell. I am pretty excited, but that is all the news I have for you. Thanks for everything, hope you all are doing well. 

Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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