Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Week 46

So this week has been quite eventful...I'll fill you in.

On Tuesday I went on divisions with Elder Iglesias, one of the assistants. He gave me a lot of good tips and whatnot on how I could do better in training and better in teaching and other stuff in general. It was pretty fun. My comp went with Elder Truman, the other assistant. He was kinda mad because he hates divisions but he seems to be learning a lot. 

On Wednesday we had our zone meeting. The doctrinal focus for this month is the Holy Ghost. We got some talks and one of them was by Elder Bednar, it was super cool. He talks about how we should learn, in addition to listening to the still small voice.  He says that we cannot be expected to have the Holy Ghost with us every second of every minute of every hour of every day because we live in a fallen world but we can strive to have it with us at least more than it is not with us. He also talks about the Liahona (a guiding tool described in The Book of Mormon) and how it is a shadow and a lesson for our day because it is a physical guide that operates under the same principles as the Holy Spirit. 

On Friday we had interviews with President, we were his last interviews before he leaves for his home in Arkansas in 3 weeks. It was a pretty cool interview. I have been feeling that I was lacking something in the mission and I asked my companion a couple of weeks ago and he kinda burned me and told me I didn't love the people. So I asked president how he thought I could develop that and he gave me some good tips. It was a really powerful interview, I won't give you all of the details but his wife taught us some other cool ways to study the scriptures that I think I will apply. 

Yesterday we had a zone attack in San Fransisco, one of the areas in our zone. We went early and the Zone Leaders made us pancakes and whatnot and it was super good. We also did a Mini-Mission-Meeting type deal for the ward where all of the people under 25 were invited and we talked about certain topics and the mish and all that. I got to teach about the law of chastity haha. 

There were a couple days this week that were pretty hard, we had full agendas but all of the appointments fell through so we ended up just contacting hardcore and no one wanted to let us in so we didn't find many new investigators either. I suppose we have to have some hard days to enjoy the easier ones. 

So yesterday we waited all day to hear about the transfers. When we got to dinner Elder Hunt told me that president called him and told him that he was going to be zone leader back in Santa Anita. I laughed so hard because neither of us were too fond of Santa Anita and the zone leaders area there is so small. But I suppose karma is a you know what, because as we waited for our District Leader to call us about transfers President texted me telling me to call him and he notified me that I'm going to be zone leader too. I'm gonna go to a place called Manchay in La Molina. It is literally just dust and I'm gonna be companions with the former Assistant, Elder Garate who is really cool and is gonna teach me so much. So you guys can imagine that I am pretty nervous! I haven't even been a district leader yet hahah. I suppose president thinks it will be my opportunity to learn charity and learn to love other missionaries by serving them. It is gonna be a huge responsibility but I suppose with a lot of faith, spirit, prayer and the help of The Lord I'll be able to do it. So please pray for me...
But anyway that is the news of the week. Ill let you know what the area, companion, and responsibility is like next week.

Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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