Monday, June 5, 2017

Week 45

This week was the same as the other 40 that I've been through haha but I suppose I can still fill you guys in...

On Wednesday we had a Family Home Evening activity with one of the converts who lives up on the hill and we invited tons of people that live up there to go. We always do FHE´s in our pension's house on Monday nights but attendance has been lessening and its kinda far away so we decided to do it up the hill. Everyone said that they would come but then ended up bailing... We at least had one investigator come and two members so we taught the 10 commandments with different signs that you do with your hands to help you remember them and then we ate some refreshments, so it was pretty chill. 

I went on divisions with our District Leader on Thursday and that was fun. Divisions are always pretty weird but I went with a cool Elder from Chile. He lives right outside of Santiago. I always tell people that Laura, my sister, went to Santiago for study-abroad and they always ask what part of Santiago but I don't remember so help me out on that so I can at least have a connection with the Chileans. 

We had a zone attack in one of the sister´s areas on Saturday morning. Kinda boring but its cool to help out the other areas. If you don't know what that is, the whole zone gets together and hits up an area and just splits up and contacts as many people as possible to help them out. We found this ghetto little passageway in the middle of nowhere and found 2 new investigators so that was cool! 

Yesterday was Fast Sunday. I was especially hungry this fast because I hadn't felt very well just before. But ya so we ended our fast eating with the bishop and he is super cool. He served in New York in the same mission as Bart Leichty I'm pretty sure. He even speaks English!

We gave a blessing to this less active member family's grandma this week, it was really cool. The parents aren't members of the church because they aren't married but the grandma is and so is the grandpa and the kids. She is pretty much on her death bed and we found them and they asked us to give her a blessing and we blessed her that the Lord`s will would be upon her and that if it be the Lord`s will that she could go in peace because the family is really struggling having to take care of her and pay for her. There was a super strong spirit there. 

Transfers are this next week so i will fill you in on Monday if I'm going...i think I'm probably bouncing but we will see what happens. 

But anyway good week, I'm doing fine. Thanks for everything. 

Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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