Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 39

So this week was pretty good. The weather is really cooling down, it has rained a couple of times and has been cloudy most of the week so that is awesome. We've been really busy this week and really tired but such is life I suppose. We got on the internet kinda late because we couldn't find any that weren't full of people. It is their Labor Day today so tons of people are out and about. 

This week we did service for our investigator Frida. Hahahaha she is building a ¨house¨ in the hills. We walked like 20 minutes up into the mountains where she had us dig away pure rock on the top of the mountain so she can build her tiny little bedroom. Fetching crazy. Idk why they build houses clear up there but who am I to say anything? It was alright but super dusty. I have yet to get the pics from Elder Hunt so those will be coming soon enough. 
Nothing really cool has happened this week. Taught some lessons, walked a lot, pretty much it. For preparation day today Elder Hunt and I played some ball. It was pretty fun. I am gonna be so rusty when I get home hahaha. Idk what happened either but it like stretched my back out or something. I think my spine has just been super compressed because I am always walking and I never get to play. I think I stretched it back out so that is good. 

None of our investigators came to church so that was pretty disappointing. We went to pick them up and had people pass by and we called and set alarms and everything but no one came. We also left our golden investigator Edwin because he said he felt just fine in the Catholic Church so that was pretty sad as well. 

We had a ¨noche de patas¨ on Friday which was pretty fun. We did an iron rod activity with string all around the church and had all of the people walk through it while we ¨tempted them¨ and it was fun. A lot of the converts came so we got to teach them about the importance of enduring to the end and not letting go of the rod which will lead us back to God. 

We finally got one of our investigators to commit to baptism! Her name is Flor. We have been working with her for a long time now, she is 17 and had a lot of doubts but we took Andres with us to her house and he talked to her just as a friend telling her all of the experiences he has had in the church and whatnot and it really opened up the door for us to invite her. We explained the requirements to be baptized and asked if she kept the commandments and she said yes. So we asked her what was holding her back from following the Savior and being baptized like He was? And she said "nothing" so I think she should go through with it. She is really awesome, I am very excited! Thanks to Andres and the spirit. 

Ya that is pretty much it, doesn't seem like a lot. I hope you like hearing about the investigators we are teaching because that's pretty much my whole life rn...worrying about others´problems and trying to help them. Nothing much else happens. I am doing fine! 

Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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