Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 40

So this week was alright. We went and did service again for Frida up in the mountains. Hahahaha I can say from experience now that I literally know what it is like to move a rock at a time! she is literally having us pick away at solid rock. Its pretty fun I guess you could say, like a real life version of Minecraft!
We had our zone conference on Friday. This month's doctrinal focus is on the law of the harvest and enduring well. As well this month is chapter 6 of Preach My Gospel which is pretty cool. We studied a talk by Elder Uchtdorf (One of the Twelve Apostles) I don't actually remember the name of the talk but I remember listening to it when he gave it where he gives an example of a woman who sells seeds and gets complaints about how they aren't growing and whatnot and finishes with how we reap what we sow. We also related it to Christlike characteristics in Chapter 6 and how if we sow good characteristics we may also reap well. 

Yesterday was a good Fast Sunday. The only thing I don't like about fasting for 24 hrs. out here, especially when it is super duper hot is that I get a little dehydrated at times and then after I stuff myself it hurts haha. But I have also really gained a testimony of the fast and of its importance.

If things go well this week we should have 2 baptisms on Saturday but they both are still kind of up in the air and we might push them back. One of them is the daughter of some members and the other is Frida (the one who is building her house upon the rock, literally)!

I got the package you sent! Thanks a ton for all of it. I gotta give Brock props on that one for picking out the good stuff. Also, thanks for the razor, now my face isn't getting destroyed everyday. I guess you could say I am more manly in one aspect at least, I do get scruffy in only a day. Its not dark but if I didn't shave everyday it would get nasty. 

One thing that happened to us this week is that I have been trying out new methods of contacting to see what works the best. And so we met an Evangelical lady and I said to her "Did you know that Jesus Christ came the Americas?" well it turns out that wasn't the best idea for her because she started to argue and told us that we weren't going to trick her with our lies and whatnot. But on the bright side she told us to knock on the house next to hers and her neighbor actually accepted us and listened to our message, so that was an ironic reference. And just so you know, that method has worked before.

Oh ya happy cinco de mayo and May the 4th be with you! Sad I missed that holiday and the chance to wear a sweet Star Wars shirt to school but we celebrated in our own way here.  

But anyway,  I'll talk to you all on Sunday, Peace. 

P.S. I am now a cuber. I can solve a Rubik´s cube. #Legend
Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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