Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 38

Fairly good week this week. A lot of good things have been happening. Funny story of the week is that we had a multizone service project in Chaclacayo on Saturday, Chaclacayo is in the middle of nowhere. But they wanted us to go around and tell people that the municipality was lowering their debts or something along those lines but we can't do that as missionaries for some reason, so pretty much we wasted like 4 hours that morning.

We had a baptism! Aracely, the granddaughter of Santos who was baptized not too long ago got baptized.  The font water was freezing and she didn't get part of her hand under the water so they had to retry like 4 times and she was in tears because she thought she was going to drown in the cold water. Santos, her grandpa got to baptize her which was really cool! 

We went to my companion's 6 week training on Tuesday. It was so boring but the best thing of probably the whole mission happened...WE GOT BURRITOS!!! They were legit too! They had to go all the way to the Lima South mission to get them and they were bomb. Elder Hidalgo, who is from my group, snuck me an extra one so I enjoyed that with some of the Cholula Sauce that you guys sent me. I wish they cooked Mexican food here, how I miss it!

We had zone conference on Thursday. It was pretty good, they talked about the gift of discernment and how necessary it is in the work that we do. They talked about the story of Solomon and how he asked, instead of riches or anything else, for wisdom so that he could know how to judge his people. It was a pretty cool relation to us. We also filled out information sheets to tell a little bit about ourselves to give to the new mission president, Pres. Amato when he arrives in June. 

I went on divisions with Elder Hunt on Friday and some pretty crazy stuff happened. Don't be worried because we were fine, but we almost got robbed! It was pretty crazy. We were walking across Javier Prado which is a super busy street and there was this shady dude waiting under the light pole "on the phone" and he got down from the curb right as we passed him. We both felt something weird so we spun around to face him with our backs to the traffic and he looked like he was taken by surprise and he was like "Oh, you guys are the Mormons." and then we were like "Yeah" and walked across the street and just as Elder Hunt was mentioning how shady he was we heard this chick yell and the dude and his friend ran away with her cellphone. You know, I think we were being warned by the Spirit on that one. 

But anyway, it was a pretty good week and the work is going super well. We have been trying to be super obedient and the baptisms have just been falling into place. Three members came to church and told us that either their sister or daughter or son hasn't been baptized a member of the church but wants to receive the missionaries and wants to be baptized so we will see how that goes. Things are going well, I'm fine. SkyBison out. 

Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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