Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 37

Yo so this week was just like the last 20 hahah..sorry I am running out of things to tell you guys every week. I feel like I don't have that many experiences in a week. So I am training Elder Ponce. He is from Ecuador. He looks like Mason Tye just a little bigger. It's been a pretty cool experience so far having the future of his mission in my hands and all. I think I am more accustomed to being here in the ghetto than he is because he tells me that Ecuador is pretty nice. It's cool to be able to teach him everything. He especially wants to learn English so that is cool as well. 

We are going to have a baptism next week. It's the granddaughter of one of our converts here, Santos. I think he is going to baptize her. We also should have another baptism next week with this golden investigator we found named Edwin. He is honestly the coolest dude I have ever met. But ya that's how things are going here in the area. Should have a fairly strong harvest this transfer. 

Today was zone preparation day and we went and made district team flags and did an amazing race kinda thing. it was pretty chill I guess and then we ate chicken and rice and fries just like ever other fetching day of my life but it's pretty good I guess. We got haircuts this morning and they were below average as always. 

The good news is that I get to go to the Stake center in La Molina this week and they will feed us again with really good food because Elder Ponce has his 1 week training so that is pretty hype. They gave us lasagna at the last training when we picked him up. HAHAHA I remember the first week in the field being the longest week of my entire life so I can't imagine how he is doing. On the bright side, technically today I have 9 months in the mission if we are counting from my release date. 

It will be good to talk to you guys here in like a month. I hope Trish (this is how he refers to his mother) has been brushing up on that Spanish otherwise she is gonna get wrecked. I was setting my goals for this transfer and one of them is to finish reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish. I'm in Jacob right now and Gordon B Hinkley's promise is that if you read it in the language you are learning you will be able to speak. The language isn't a problem anymore but i figure better late than never and I am looking to master the language now. 

That is pretty much all I have. I hope I have better stuff to tell you guys next week. Thanks for the support and the emails. 

Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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