Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Week 36

So this week has gone fairly well. We had a few activities this week that were fun. On Friday night we had a movie night and watched "Meet the Mormons" and that was fun. We had a couple of investigators come. I got pretty trunky watching the part about the Navy football coach but its chill only a little while longer. We also had a "noche blanca" in the stake center where they baptized 9 people from our zone! It was cool and one of our brand new investigators said she could come so I hope she progresses. 

I'm staying here in Los Portales which I'm hyped about. I'm gonna be training a brand new elder this transfer named Elder Ponce idk where he is from but we will see how it goes. Elder Hunt is staying as well so we get another transfer to hang out. Our comps both go to San Luis. My comp's area is right across the street from San Borja (the richer area) haha he is gonna suffer. 

Today we ordered some pizza and chilled and cleaned our room and went to the "mall". Haha I bought a dope "Nike" duffle bag. They can literally make anything you want here and make it look just like it was made by Nike or whatever name brand and they sell it for dirt cheap. 

We did some service for this guy in our ward this week, it was pretty cool I guess.... he was super-hyped about us coming to help him out and whatnot and acted like we were gonna do something super big but we just ended up sweeping off his sidewalk for like 20 minutes and then leaving and by the next day the wind and cars blew the dust and garbage back up on it, I suppose the small act of service is what counts. 

I was reading a talk by Elder Bednar called "Clean Hands and a Pure Heart" this week and discussing with Elder Hunt the difference between the two and looking at how Elder Bednar analyzes it. In Psalms 24:3-4 we read about clean hands and a pure heart and he talks about how we can repent and be clean and wash our garments in the blood of our Savior, but to enter into the kingdom of God we also must have a pure heart meaning that we must, like the people of King Benjamin, have no desire to sin. We can just avoid sin but more than that we must lose any desire to commit sin through doing good works and service to others. 

 I am excited to be able to train a brand new elder and be an example to him and teach him everything about being a missionary. It will be super hard and tiring but I know I will learn a lot. They say that being a trainer is one of the most important responsibilities in the mission so it will be fun. 

Elder Beach and Elder Chau went back to Chosica on Thursday. I think the water problems are clearing up there and it should be good for them to get back to their area. But anyway that's about it, Thanks for everything! 

Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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