Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 34

Here are some pics, a tool bathroom mirror pic before the baptism and everyone at the baptism. I will send more they just take forever to download here. And also just a reminder about conference this weekend. It really is our opportunity to receive personal revelation because the people that speak literally are speaking as if the Savior himself were there. I know I used to overlook general conference but I think I understand a little better now. I think the best way to prepare is to come with a few questions about what is going on right now in your lives and listen carefully for the spirit to tell you the answers. We get to watch it in English so that will be great!
So this week was a good week. We baptized Noemi and Sonia! Elder Hunt got to baptize Sonia and I got to baptize Noemi. It was a super good experience to see them both finally go through with their decision. They had some real doubts beforehand and we really had to work them through it and help them to see the goal up ahead, they have been through some really ugly things but now their lives have completely changed and they have found what they were looking for, how great is the gospel!?!

For pday today we went and got our haircuts, Elder Beach went for it today and just told the lady to give him a #2 razor on the whole thing because he was so sick of the heat and his thick curly hair so now he looks like he is about to enter the army or something. We went to the stake center and played capture the flag with socks filled with flour to throw at each other and then ate pizza and watched "Megamind" so that was chill. 

We had a multizone conference this week and that was pretty good. We had to give 3 minute talks on a favorite line of a hymn, I chose "Families can be Together Forever". They talked to us a lot about tactics on how to get into houses and whatnot and they brought up some really good ideas that I think I will use. I got to this area and we only proselyted in the mountains for some reason and I asked my comp why that was and he said that it was because his last comp didn't like to proselyte in the richer area (our area is actually pretty rich in parts) So I made him go with me and we contacted and contacted because it's like honestly right next to the church and we have had a lot of success there so far. 

We had to go to the Center of Lima again because my comp has tons of problems renewing his DNI so we took an hour trip and 25 sols in and spent 5 minutes and he was done and then took an hour trip and 25 sols out hahaha. But anyway, nothing much else exciting happened this week, we do about the same thing everyday so sorry if I don't have any cool stories. I think I have officially forgotten what the first world is like because sometimes I just forget that I am even in Peru.

I cant believe I'm about to hit a third of the way through the mission, holy cow it doesn't seem like it. Haha I think about the things that I thought I knew at home and what I know now and there is a huge difference. I was reflecting a lot on how I was at home and my expectations for the mission and I kinda laughed. One good thing that I did realize is that I am really good at making people laugh and the fact that I am speaking a different language hasn't changed that... But anyway I truly have learned the truth and importance of many things in my life. But really, I remember talking to President Walker and having him explain to me who created the world because I didn't know....sometimes I wish I would've taken more advantage of the opportunities I had to learn at home like in seminary, but what is done is done. Anyway if I had time to tell you all of the things I have learned so far I still don't think I could write them all. Lets just say I have changed a ton. Its been pretty cool so far... 

Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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