Monday, March 20, 2017

Week 33
(Cutting bushes with a rusty machete.)

This week has I have just been worn out, I guess it's from the hard work.  But anyway, there have been tons of mud slides and floods that have gone down in Chosica and parts of Campoy, like houses have been swept away by the river and whatnot so they are taking missionaries out of those areas for a while. We received another companionship in our room because it is pretty huge. It is Elder Chau who I met in Santa Anita and Elder Beach, a new missionary. They are pretty dope, so it's fun. As for the houses and people that are being affected we really don't know that much. The river knocked down a bridge where they bring in tons of stuff like fruit and whatnot so the prices have gone up for the time being, but as for us we are totally fine. We are just trying to work hard.

Not a ton of stuff has happened this week. We found 18 new investigators though so that was pretty sweet. Haha There is section in our area that is actually pretty affluent that my companion has never contacted in....idk he says his last trainer didn't like to go there for some reason, but we have had a ton of success there!
We found a family of 5 that are super interested. The dad is most interested of all which is kinda weird because it usually isn't like that and so we invited them to a baptism yesterday, hopefully they come to church on Sunday.

We blessed this member's house because she really wanted us to. We have heard of some weird stuff happening with priesthood ordinances like where the priesthood holders won't actually touch the person's head.  

It was Elder Hunt's birthday this week on St. Patrick's Day so his parents sent him a package which he shared with us!  We haven't had water for about a week now, it goes on in the morning for like an hour maybe. (Probably due to the swollen rivers)  We have been showering out of a bucket that we fill-up so I mean it's better than nothing! The elders that arrived in our room were stuck in their room for 4 days before the water receded enough to where they could get out of the area and they hadn't showered in those 4 days. 

I am doing fine, its kinda crazy in a room with 6 and there isn't a ton of space but it's chill. The work is going really well for us right now. I just hope that those we have with dates will be baptized in the coming month as we are planning for. It's kinda hard always having to be the example to my comp. I found out I need to be stricter with him, sometimes I just let things go but we really need to learn. If he doesn't learn now idk when he will. But anyway thanks for the emails, Peace. 
Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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