Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Week 32

So this week was pretty sic. On Tuesday I got to take a visit to Zack"s mish (Lima Central)because I had to go and get my DNI at migrations and it's in the center of Lima. It is super cool over there, all of the buildings are super old structures and whatnot. I spent the whole morning from like 8 to 12 there just waiting for them to take my picture and fingerprints but at least I can now officially say that I am an official Peruvian! 

On Wednesday I went on divisions with Elder Macias our zone leader from Tegucigalpa, Honduras. He is super dope and taught me tons of new stuff about how to run things in the mish and just about life in general. 

On Thursday we went and did service for one of our investigators. She had us chop all of these branches down from above the wall outside of her house. It wasn't pleasant since it was 100000 degrees and i got soooo dirty, idk if you will be able to see it in the picture. But it was cool because I got to use a machete and just swing hardcore at some fetching plants. Also on Thursday we were going to interview one of the investigators that was gonna get baptized on Saturday but she has literally disappeared. We don't know what happened, she isn't at home, her sister doesn't know where she is and she doesn't answer her phone so I hope she turns up at some point. 

On Friday we had interviews again with president Boswell. He is a super inspiring guy. I talked to him about how I can not focus so much on the weaknesses I have, but rather strengthen the strengths I have and use them to help teach the gospel. I am still trying to figure out what those strengths are but I am doing pretty well I think. One thing I have found out is that I am a pretty dang funny person....even in Spanish lol. 

On Saturday Santos got baptized! It was pretty cool. He is a super good guy, and although he has some pretty harsh economic problems, he is super strong in his faith and so happy to be able to change his life for the better. He also received the priesthood on Sunday so that was cool to see! 

Yesterday was the average Sunday. The ward here is super good and cool and helps us out a lot. We had two of our new investigators come to church and they seemed to like it even though the little brother can be pretty hard to get to at times. 
 idk what happened but I accidentally got tons of grease on one of my shirts and my favorite tie so that stinks. I think I'll just save the shirt to burn when I hit a year...

Today we went to the chapel and played basketball in the hot sun. It was super fun, I sure miss playing ball at the SARC and the ARC with Brett and other homies. We kinda just chilled and talked about cool spiritual experiences and how you all are so lucky because tomorrow is taco tuesday at Cafe Rio, I sure miss it! But anyway, I am still doing great just working away trying to figure out who I am and what I can contribute. Scripture of the week Matt 24:25. How many times have I said that the church is true? 

Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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