Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Week 31
Wow this week has been so dope. I can tell that this transfer is going to fly by! My new area is amazing haha they nicknamed it the promised land because of how humble the people are and how willing they are to listen to the gospel. It is pretty impoverished and there are parts in our area that are clear up in the mountains! But it is super cool and actually like 10 minutes from La Molina, the rich part. We have two baptisms on Saturday and two more lined up for the 25 and should have 2 more for the first of April if all goes well! Hahahaha I've taught more lessons here in one week than almost a full month in San Borja.

My new companion is a super good guy. He is 25 and was baptized 3 years ago and went inactive until about a year ago so he doesn't know a ton of stuff. I really have to help him learn the doctrine and solve his doubts. But it is ok because in our room there are two other elders and you guys will never guess who it is....Elder Hunt!!! My comp from the CCM. His companion is Elder JaƱez from Chile and we have a good time. Elder Hunt and I have the most time in the mish in our room and practically in our district It is so cool to be able to discuss doctrinal topics with them in the room and learn a ton. 

Our zone is tight. Its the biggest zone in the mission. Like half of the zone are gringos so that is fun. Today for pday we played soccer and basketball and volleyball and cooked carne asada and watched Kung Fu panda. There is another elder here that is barely shorter than me, he is from South Jordan. I'll get a pic with him tomorrow and send it to you guys. 

We had a Luau on Friday night which was pretty cool. The members prepared tons of fruit and the young men and women did dances and stuff. It was pretty cool. All of our investigators came and really enjoyed it and have tons of friends now. The ward here is really good. Like most wards in Peru it can be dysfunctional at times but it is good. 

We are gonna go to the temple this week with a recent convert and do baptisms so that should be cool I haven't been to the temple with a convert yet! Our pension (A member woman who cooks meals for the missionaries) here is really nice and cool. Tons of Elders that I know have been in this area before. Our pension has a family tree so when I get put up I will take a pic and send it. 

But anyway that is about it, this is awesome and I think I will really enjoy this transfer. I have learned so much about more than just the gospel and hope to keep going. The spiritual thought for the week is a scripture that I love and use to answer tons of questions that investigators have. It's 1 Nephi 13:22.  

Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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