Friday, March 3, 2017

Week 30

Que tal muchachos? Como les fue esta semana? So i am being transfered to Los Portales in Vitarte. I am going to have a Son!!! I am going to train Elder Muñoz in Vitarte. Idk how i feel haha i would'nt say that I'm necessarily ready to train someone but we will see how it goes. I will do my best. Vitarte is super ghetto and poor so that is great. I'm headed from one of the richest areas in the mish to one of the poorest haha. I will let you guys know how it goes next week with pictures and whatnot. I'm kinda sad to be leaving this nice area and nice ward and all of the people that i know here but that's the way the mission is I guess...the transfers come and go and you just gotta get used to leaving everyone behind and adapting to a new place again. 

Today for pday we spent the morning helping the sisters in our district move. It sucked haha. They are closing their area and putting elders there so idk why they even moved but we helped them anyway. From 6 in the morning until about 8 we had to move their stuff and there was a ton of it! But it was fine. We got lost trying to get back, took the wrong bus. Later we just chilled, went to the mall and ate burger king and walked around in the stores in the air-conditioning. It was pretty sweet, just like being back in the states. 

We had that training from Elder Falabella which was pretty cool. He just pretty much based what he taught off of what we said and gave us suggestions on how to improve. He gave some really cool ideas on ways to work with members better and whatnot. Nothing super huge that he said really impacted me so sorry. 

Haha i was thinking about it this week and I remember something Brett said about like after 4 or 5 months in the mish and you are forgotten by almost everyone. That's why I was so surprised that the USU coaches emailed me. But honestly it's so true, such is life I guess. 

If you guys could do me a favor and send me talks I would really appreciate that. I'm gonna print them out and study them so i dont want crap. I want like the Joseph Smith, McConkie, Maxwell, Bednar type deep doctrine stuff. I started reading the New Testament as well this week and it is going pretty well so far. I never even thought about reading it before the mish and so i know like nothing... so now is the time. 

I'm going to start trying to take more pictures for you guys. After talking to a lot of the RMs that's what they say they wish they had done the most. And some of them did it and have loads of pics and videos to share so I will start trying. 

But ya anyway that is about it, todo esta bien en zion. Saludos a todos. 

Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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