Friday, March 3, 2017

Week 29

So this week went pretty well. We dunked the family! It was super cool to see them finally take the step that they had been waiting to take for so long. I will send pics. I got to baptize Alvaro, the older of the two sons. He is so dope and my comp baptized the younger son, and a member baptized the mom! 

I got you guyses package this week! haha holy fetch i doubt you could've sent more crap! Idk how I'm feeling about having to drag it to a new area if i get transferred next week.. But thanks a ton i really appreciate it. (Trish added: Can't you tell how grateful he is?)

We played white elephant this week among the missionaries and it was super funny. I will try to get the pics but elder peterson bought a pineapple and put a face on it and i got that and took some good pics ¨Chupando la piƱa¨ as they say here haha. 

I'll give a good shout-out to the old man´s birthday this week. Happy 63 or wherever you are at now! Hope that it goes well and you guys eat my share of the Harbors Bake at Red Lobster or whatever its called. I got you a present but I have yet to send it so just don't get your panties in a twist, it will arrive sooner or later. 

Elder Falabella is coming to talk to us this week on Wednesday. He is the area 70 here and half of the mission will go one day and half another. It should be pretty sweet to hear him speak he is a super good speaker and super powerful too. I will let you guys know how that goes next week. 

I was beginning to think the guys at home had forgotten about me but the emails are coming in today from Coach Wells and Maile. I'm keeping the focus on the mission for now but soon enough my time will come. 

We did splits this week with the assistants. We went in trios and it was super cool, we went with Elder Garate from Arequipa. He is super dope. He taught me so many cool things like how to learn scriptures and how to be a leader and whatnot. I just try to take advantage of all the divisions with more experienced elders because they really do know a lot more than i do and the way i see it is that it isn't necessary that i relearn everything that they have already learned when they can just tell me different ways that work best. 

Um its been a fairly short time since i emailed you last so that's about it haha. Today for pday we didn't really do anything. I found a place in San Borja that has a ton of homies practicing to be barbers and they give haircuts for free in the mornings so i got mine done today. We played cards and chess and wrestled in the chapel today and then some dude in the sisters ward fed us in his restaurant for free. 

Nothing else, hope all is well at home! 

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