Friday, February 17, 2017

Week 28

So this week has been just another week haha. We went to the temple this morning and had to be there at six-thirty so we ended up waking up at four-thirty to get there on time. But it was alright because we got in and out and had all of our pday to chill. I bought a small quad because my scriptures are enormous and hurt to carry around all day.
We had a family home evening last night with a super super rich family in our ward. It was dope. We thought we were gonna share a lesson and everything but they invited the family that we live with over, we chilled in their backyard and he just talked about how phones are killing the young people these days. Haha and then they gave us Papa John's Pizza which was pretty sweet.
On Wednesday the senior couple in our mission came to our room to help us clean and make it better. Hahahaha he was trying to fix the shower and idk what happened but he blew out the power and almost started a fire in our room. Nothing huge happened. But we didn't have power for a day and it ended up knocking out the power to the whole house where 3 other families live hahahaha. But they got it all fixed and we didn't end up proselyting until like 6 that night hahaha.
I have to get my suit jacket cleaned sometime this week because my comp opened up the drawer to his desk and a cockroach jumped out and started running so i grabbed my slipper and splattered it because we have competitions every night to see who can kill more, and it ended up splatter juices all over my suit coat so that is just great. But anyway, i usually end up winning the competitions like 11-5 or so if you were wondering.
I didn't really mean to this week but i kinda burned my comp on learning English because he just kept complaining and complaining about how i didn't teach him and stuff. Lets just say that he never studies and his family wants him to learn super bad but i had had enough and whipped the scriptures out on him. I felt a little bad afterward haha.
Haha we were asking some investigators if we could go visit them today in the night and they were like "For real, it's Valentine's Day!  You guys aren't gonna be doing anything special?" We both looked at each and busted out laughing and ended up telling our investigators that actually yes we were planning on taking each other out to dinner and whatnot. It was so funny but i guess they don't understand that we are always with each other and that we don't have relationships...or maybe they were referring to the fact that we're "companions". Who knows????
I'll send you guys some pics of Elder Peterson and me from today. He is from my group and he and Elder Hunt are probably my favorites out of my group. He is from Brighton...and yes knows Simi. But this is us in a store near the temple.

Ya so that is about it for this week. Happy Valentines from my love, Elder Peterson, and I.
Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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