Friday, February 17, 2017

Week 27

On Mon, Feb 6, 2017 
Don't feel any different and the goal still seems far away but its hard to believe i have 6 months already in the mish haha. To celebrate we burned a tie but the video is super boring so i won't send it to you, it's just 7 minutes of us standing there. We also went to Pizza Hut again because that is like one of the only places i like here haha and they had a good deal going on. I wanted to go to Chili's but it's super expensive and i felt weird among so many people as a missionary. 

Anyway, this week has gone pretty well! Our family that is going to be baptized freaked out the other day because she saw some pics of a kid's baptism in our ward and they threw like a whole party for him and so she thought she would have to do the same and she doesn't have any money because she is a teacher and they are on vacation rn. But its all good we moved her date to the 18th and they will be fine to be baptized then so i am excited! they had us over for dinner last night and she made us salchipapas which is just fries with hot dog but i really liked it...i do miss eating hot dogs roasted over the fire up in the mountains with the boys. 
I have now seen the glory of God while in my youth and it was amazing... My comp burned a Jehovah's Witness yesterday without even doing anything. I now know we have the truth. Somehow my companion got a hold of their bible in one of his other areas. So what happened was i told him just to give the true doctrine to this like 70 year old man like we are supposed to do, not burn him but just teach as Jesus would since the truth "pierces" the hearts of the wicked. So anyway they were talking and whatnot and he got riled up as Jehovah's Witnesses sometimes do and my comp told him to turn to some random scripture in John. Turns out they are missing tons of random scriptures in the bible and the dude knew it and didn't have it and didn't know what to say. My comp said, "When you have this scripture in your bible we can talk!" and we walked away. You actually had to be there to see the hurt but it was pretty sic. 

They put all of the schedule changes in this week so we are waking up at seven and we do our comp and language study after lunch rn. I really like it tbh. Being out in the sun at 2 in the afternoon is the worst, i just want to die everyday! They say the radiation from the sun here is really bad too so i am using tons of sunscreen. 

I started Studying Jesus the Christ this week and am making progress. The book is amazing and holds so much doctrine. Haha i have learned soo much in only 6 months. It is absolutely amazing what you can learn when you read the scriptures every day and are helping people with their problems and have to live in a way to have the spirit constantly with you. 

Nothing much really happened this week. It has been just one of those weeks. I think we had like 3 lessons and just contacted and contacted and i just want to die sometimes. Haha we asked our ward mission leader what we could do and he just told us to keep on going. hahaha we both laughed at how easily he said it but its true you just gotta keep knocking on doors and teaching. 

To sum up my mission so far i would have to say that it has been the absolute weirdest thing i have ever done. I always saw the missionaries as a kid like they were Angels but actually being a missionary i feel very differently. It has been super weird and difficult to leave my old life behind, from just chilling, playing ball every day and whatnot to talking with everyone we see. I have been so humbled just seeing the way others live and being able to live in the same circumstances. I think one of the coolest things is though, that the church is the same here in our humble 100 member ward as it is there with the 3 wards of like 500 that attend our chapel in North Logan haha. But ya anyway that's about it... 
Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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