Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 26

Ya so this week has been pretty good. Our family with a baptismal date is progressing very well and will be baptized on the 11th and they are hyped. Church was pretty good with them yesterday, only thing is her 10 year old son gets a little confused sometimes because he goes to a catholic school and then we teach him the real doctrine so we gotta get that straightened out. 

This week we had the worldwide training which was crazy. The brethren are going to change everything in all of the missions. From now on we are only going to have 4 key indicators, and we are going to be allowed to move around our study time throughout the day and we will return to our room at 10 and wake up at 7. Also our Pdays will start at 8 in the morning instead of 11 so that is pretty cool. We will see what other changes pres. does. 

We have interviews and conference this Wednesday with president. And not next pday but the pday after we will probably go to the temple again on Tuesday just so you know. 

I just want to tell dad sorry that I blew a ton of money this morning in Wong, I ran out of food and so I went and bought a ton more haha we are gonna whip up some pancakes sometime this week and finally eat that bacon you guys sent me. 

The water went out this week on Thursday (due to heavy flooding and debris in the Rimac River, Lima's main source of potable water) and so we didn't shower that day which was pretty nasty because it was super super hot, but ya oh well, I return everyday to the room soaking wet because it's so hot and humid. lol 

I forgot to tell you guys that I got a haircut last week and the barber took away my agency and just shaved my head practically. I have never had my hair that short before but right now I look a little more normal after a week of growth. I will see if I have any pics. She was like this world famous hair cutter that owns this huge salon and you have to schedule a full month before to get in with her and she did ours for free and it def was like a free haircut because I wouldn't have paid for it. 

So they told me this week that nutella is cancerous? there is some kind of oil in it that can be cancerous...if you guys know anything please tell me because i have been eating so much nutella here. well, its like the great value no brand that mom always bought at home but ya it's nutella more or less. 

We took the elders from the ccm (the Peruvian MTC) out on Saturday again and it was pretty cool. Haha they let me go alone with a noob and he was so lost and I felt kinda bad for him. He was headed to Piura where it is soooo fetching hot. Elder Juarez came from Piura and he told me all about it...poor kid. So ya anyway that's about it. I am the zone English teacher which is alright I guess. I have to keep track of all the Latinos and their progress in learning English so its chill.

Much Love,
Elder Mortenson

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