Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 25

So this week has been pretty good! I'm just creeping up on the 6 month mark as the days keep passing and they are passing fast. Every day is a struggle but i am learning how to look at the good things and handle the stress and whatnot. I found out the exercise was what i was back in the day, and so i have been getting up a little earlier and i have some of those motivational video sound clips on my USB and i go hard and it has been really helping. 

So this week, I found mtn dew! the stores here are kinda wack and just kinda get what they get but we found tons of mtn dew and i loaded up on it because you don't find that here, so i am pretty hyped! 

On saturday we had the opportunity to go to the CCM (The Lima MTC) and listen to Elder Cook talk to us and have a Q-A session with him! it was pretty cool to see a bro from the hometown. Something crazy that he told us is that he and Elder Holland were companions in the mission in England!!! how crazy that they are comps again in the quorum of the 12! 

We have a family of 3 with baptismal dates! The mom, Rocio, and her sons, Alvaron and Adrian. They are ancient investigators but she just recently kicked her X husband out and now they are progressing and will be baptized the tenth of Feb!!! We are super excited for them. Oscar is having some trouble but we will see how he does. We are working hard with them. The family is super nice though and even invited us over to eat KFC ahah. It is super different here, it is actually good lol. 

I am suffering in this heat. It is hot and humid but whatever, sometimes life sucks. We just got done playing ultimate frisbee with a football. It made me think back to the good times because I haven't handled the pigskin in so long. We also just played dodgeball with taped rolls of toilet paper and watched Finding Nemo so that is sweet. 

My comp hits a year on thursday so we are gonna burn one of his shirts and go somewhere nice to eat idk where yet. 

So the craziest thing happened when we went to listen to Edler Cook, I found a friend! Elder Brooksby is serving here in my mission from SV and just barely got here this transfer! How crazy is that!? 

Anyway that is my week for you guys, my spiritual thought that isn't so spiritual is "obsession is necessary if you want to be great" there you go be obsessed with whatever it is that you want to do. 

Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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