Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 24

Ya so today were the transfers for real and we are sticking together. It should be a fun transfer my comp is super super funny and loves to have fun. But he also works hard and is helping me out and teaching me along the way. He hits a year in two weeks which will be a fun celebration. 

This week nothing new really has happened. We are still contacting hard and looking for people to teach and whatnot. We have another part-member family we are teaching, a guy named Oscar who is progressing really well and will probably get baptized. We set the date for Feb 4. I hope all goes well, please pray for him. 

Yesterday was pretty crazy, we ate lunch with The Hurtados and he is so sic. He told me all about the new Star Wars Movie because he and his son are huge fans. He told us the apartment he lives in now is worth like 320K dollars, apparently, he is super rich. He laughed with us talking about how rough the mission was but how cool it was too. 

We went to the hospital yesterday and gave a blessing to a 25 year old dude who has been in a coma for like 15 days. It was super cool because he had just barely woken up right before we came in and we gave him a blessing and he was starting to respond so that was crazy. 

We cleaned our room today because it was so nasty. It took us like 2 hours. I have found a new love in killing cockroaches. Idk if i already told you guys this but i didn't know cockroaches could fly. Oscar told us something very inspiring the other day,"We are all men...until the cockroaches start to fly" hahahah which is sad but so true. They are so huge here it is crazy. 

Anyway i am out of time so i will talk to you next week. I will start writing the group emails first so i can tell you everything!

Much Love,
Elder Mortenson

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