Friday, December 23, 2016

Week 20

So this week was good. the transfer is already flying by which is sad because it is super fun. Elder Juarez is super dope and we laugh hard. Tons of contacting again but we are getting in a few more lessons. We have a guy who has a baptismal date for the 14 of January. His wife is a less active and he has a little 9 year old daughter that will be baptized in march so that is good that we have someone that is progressing. We will find others though.
A couple of stories that happened this week. We were knocking doors in this kind of alley way type deal and i ring the doorbell and hear "over here" from behind and i was super confused thinking it wasn't real. Anyway turned out to be this huge white dude from Houston that got married and moved down here. It was super duper weird to do a contact in English after so long of only spanish. We will see if he has any interest.
Another one is that i ate fast food for the first time in 130 some odd days! We went to the stake christmas activity and elder manzanera and i sang a duet lol it was trash but everyone here is tone-deaf so its ok, and we were getting home super late because it was way far away and we hadn't eaten so i stopped at the mcdonalds on the corner near our house and got a big mac and fries and a coke and it tasted exactly the same lol! it was awesome and so good!
Since this area is super rich, there are tons of malls and whatnot here and there is a huge one in our area. My comp showed me this place that looks the same as the nutrishop where i bought some stuff and we are doing our exercises. It is awesome because he actually likes to workout unlike my other comps.
We ate dinner sunday night with some members and her brother was there visiting from Bountiful lol. After his mission, his mission pres invited him to live with him in Provo and go to BYU, he is from Trujillo, and so he did and he got married and is living in bountiful right now. He is super dope and i think he will like call you guys or email you or something. They are the ones who are gonna loan us their computer to skype on sunday. Which btw we will be doing at like 3 here in Peru.
It is super weird to be celebrating christmas in like 90 degree weather. I have to wear sunscreen everyday otherwise i would look like a latino as well because i tan so easily. The peruvians celebrate about the same as we do, with trees and tons of lights and whatnot too. There are like infinity nativity scenes set up all around town and i am still working on getting a pic with this like 30 foot fake 
Brycie The (Gigantic) Elf
tree set up in ovalo. 
so ya ill talk to you guys on sunday! 

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