Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 19

Ya so this week has been pretty good! My new area is super super rich in comparison to anywhere else in Peru. it is like the U.S. it reminds me a lot of seattle tbh like the streets and little restaurants and whatnot. i will take pics to show you. My new comp is dope. Elder Ju├írez from Piura, Peru. He loves to workout and is super chill and teaches me a ton of crap it is awesome! There is a Chili´s in our area and a mcdonalds and a burger king and tons of other sic stuff that ive gotta go to. Its just difficult to go because we have the pension and on pdays no one wants to go but i will find a way. There are huge malls and whatnot here it is super weird to see after seeing the super poor side. 

I got your package and it was awesome. it was fetching huge hahaha. i weighed myself and turns out i have lost more than i thought! i am at 213 right now and i left at around 225 so that sucks. 

I got to go to the baptism of the Perez Family this week back in my old area! i baptized one of their twin daughters. it was super cool, they got married first and then baptized right after. they have been so prepared. i got to meet Elder Gozalvez´ brand new comp. i guess he has really been struggling but he is a really cool guy from Idaho falls! i will send pics. 

My new zone is pretty dope. my zone leader is Elder Manzanera who was elder Wilcox´s comp in the ccm. he used to be a super hardcore dude but he is cool. my comp is the District leader for our zone. lol it could be worse and he could be the DL of the other district in our zone which is complete hermanas hahahah. 

We went out with the elders from the ccm again this saturday. hahahaha boy am i glad i dont have to relive that or even relive the last 3 months of my training. They sure struggle with everything. 

We did 80 contacts this week in our area. There is absolutely nothing set up here, we are practically opening the area. To let you know, the mission-wide weekly goal is 50. We havent found much but one couple. We do tons of walking and a little tiny bit of teaching. It will be a real challenge but it will be a real good experience to learn and to grow here. 

we eat breakfast in our room here in San Borja and the rest in our pension. Everyone has tons and tons of money. The 2nd counselor in the bishopbric is an X mission pres and area 70. Tons of people can speak english. I have seen like jeeps and mercedes benz and even a ford raptor to let you know how rich it is. It is super cool. Hopefully we can find people that will progress. please pray for our area and the people that we can find those chosen souls.
 Elder Juarez and me lighting it up!
--Eating Lomo Saltado at members house
Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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