Friday, December 2, 2016

Week 16

This week went by fast which was good. We have been hard at work. We went to Pizza Hut last p-day because there is one not too far away in our zone so that was dope. The most american thing i have eaten in 3 months haha. Our pday's here are trash because there is nothing to do or to see so we literally do nothing but like watch a disney movie and play soccer but its ok. 


we rescued 2 less actives this week which was dope. There is so much fetching work to be done with the less actives because fetching everyone is less active. literally Peru holds like a 20 part of the whole church and almost all of them are less active lol. But the promise a member of the Seventy made to the mission is that for every person rescued you get a baptism and randomly on sunday 2 ancient investigators showed up to church and said they used to have a baptismal date and that they want us to come back and visit them so there you go. 


So i had a thought this week and this one is for Brett and Brock, baptism is the door to eternal life right? and after we open the door we find the straight and narrow path in which we have to persevere. its kinda like goku on snake way lol. and when we finally get to King Kai we still have to do more training to be the best. 


Honestly nothing much has happened this week. I should have divisions this next week so that will be fun because our zone leaders are dope. i cant believe i only have 2 weeks left  in this transfer, it has gone by so fast. soon enough i will talk to you guys on Christmas and then soon enough i will have 6 months already in the mission. The two years really is a short period of time. Once I hit the new year its almost like 1 year more haha. 


Just one thing that I think I want. Will you send me some contacts? with the hot sun I sweat and my fetching glasses like fall off my nose constantly and it's super annoying. Elder Wilcox, our zone leader wears his contacts and he is fine so i think if i am just careful i will be alright.


And also tell gram and gramps thanks for the package and the card and tell jan too. i am so hyped about my Cholula because the peruvians dont like spicy stuff very much and that is something that I really miss. 


Anyway all is just fine. I am adjusting slowly but if i get transfered, which i probably  will, i will probably have to readjust but ill be fine. ill talk to you guys in like a month over skype. 




Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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