Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 15

So this week has been pretty good! i am starting to enjoy this a little more and get used to my circumstances here. it has been hard and i still am not completely there but it is a little easier. 


I have been keeping a personal dictionary where i write down all of the new words that i hear and it is filling up fast! but it has really been helping me learn the language. i still have trouble with the way that they say things and the structure of things but i am learning everyday. it has been nice to have Elder Gozalvez as my comp who speaks practically no english. one of the things that i noticed this week that is a real disability as we were talking with a less active member is that i have no idea how to help these people with some the things they experience in their life. haha im only 19 with practically no life experience and they expect me to help these people? but as i was thinkin about that i realized that i dont need to because the gospel of jesus christ is there to help everyone find their answers and solutions. i love the invitation that the brethren make to us, that if we have a deep question or concern in our life, read the book of mormon with it in mind and look for ways that it answers it. the book truly can answer almost anything in ways you never wouldve thought. 


i have had some experiences with some agnostic people and even a couple of atheists as well. trying to teach these people or listening to them make their point kind of tests your faith occasionally. it makes you really think about what you believe. but all of my doubts disappear when i realize how perfectly everything in this church fits together. i just thank God everyday that i was born into a family where i know what i know since i was born and for the blessings that i have received through that knowledge. it is so sad to see how lost people are out here and for the ones we find, how hard they have been searching for the message that we bring. it is amazing. 


i was reading in PMG this week about Eternal Marriage because we are trying to ease this couple into getting married so she can get baptized because he is less active and i found the coolest quote. it says ´heaven is a continuation of the ideal home´ it made me think of how my future home might be and how it should be. imagine heaven how you will and then put that into your own home... pretty cool thought. 


Anyway i am learning a ton out here. more than i ever could have anywhere else. things that i think i always knew, make sense now and i have been given so much knowledge. i just hope that i can continue learning and growing constantly. thanks for all of your prayers and support i really have felt the strength and the hand of the Lord in my life these recent 3 months. 


oh and i found out when we are heading to the temple. We are going Nov 29th at like the 8:30 morning session here. so i am excited. time is going by pretty fast i cant believe this transfer is already winding down. i am excited to see where i might be transferred next. I might have to train because we have a ton of noobs coming in. that would be super hard but fun. 


ya anyway reading over what i just wrote makes me feel a little weird like that was all gospely so i gotta say some more. cant wait to get home to play some fetching ball. cant wait to speak spanish like a boss. Brett said it best, ´aint no billionaire that didnt have to work hard´ to be a boss you gotta work like one. AMEN


Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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