Friday, December 2, 2016

Week 17

This week was good. this transfer has flown by, if every transfer can fly like this one that would be awesome haha. So my email last week kinda lacked so i will try to make up for it. 


we just got back from the temple. it was so nice to go somewhere clean and reverent and spiritual haha because you cant find that here in peru. the temple is a little baby one, like our stake center seems about as big as it but it awesome nonetheless. we did one session with our zone and then took pics and went shopping. i dropped like 100 sols (about $30 U.S. Dollars) and didnt even feel bad because you all just spent 100 dollars for black friday. 


thanksgiving isnt a holiday here but our pension made us mashed potatoes and chicken which was somewhat like thanksgiving i guess. you dont eat a ton of mashed potatoes here. 


So last sunday we missed the sacrament. we went to pick up a less active family who both served missions but just kinda fell away and they took forever to get ready we ended up waiting at their door for an hour and a half haha but it was awesome because they hadnt been to church in like 12 years. 


we went on divisions this week and i went with elder paiva our new zone leader. he is so dope. he served in the military for 3 years before he came and he was like super inactive beforehand but now he is so spiritual. he taught me so much crap just about life and whatnot and i am beginning to see why i am here. but most of the guys in our mission arent unlike him, super inactive before hand and then active just long enough to be sent out to the mission. it is pretty cool stuff. 


it is getting super hot. the heat here is like that of lake powell. it is super dry and the sun just bakes you and you cant hide from it anywhere. but it is alright i guess im just glad it isnt like that year round. i am also glad that i should only miss one lake powell trip too haha

so this week i had my first baptism. Her name is Esperanza and the missionaries have been visiting her for like 6 months now. her whole family are members and they are going to get sealed here soon which is really cool. The baptismal service took 3 hours because everyone was late and we had to wait on her brother to arrive from la molina which is like an hour with the traffic and whatnot. but in the end it was really cool. ill tell you what the water in the font is like ice water holy fetch its like wading out into bear lake in may when you think it will be warm but it still takes your breath away haha. Also, our golden family should get married and baptized this saturday if all goes well with their paperwork and whatnot. it will be really cool to see. they have made so many changes in their lives to live the commandments and they want to learn so much about the gospel. i will email you next week with pics and let you know how it goes. 

Much Love,
Elder Mortenson

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