Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 14

So in my last email i was really struggling but this week has been much much better. We contacted so much last week and into about tuesday were just days full of contacting but now we are seeing the fruits of it and i have some stories. 

so remember that one time that i said that i would punch that dog in the face at Lake Powell? ya well it happened. we were headed to pick up some investigators to go to church and there came out of nowhere these two huge dogs one was like this huge black lab and they werent peruvian dogs, they had been well fed and had their battle scars and whatnot. anyway they chose me and ran full speed to jump on me and tried to bite me. idk if i told you but we have to carry around  a BoM in a case with us everywhere we go and so i smacked this thing down with it and then the other came at me and i kicked it in the face. this happened a couple times and they almost got me hah. my comp just stood off to the side. i freaking kicked these things so hard in the face it was so dope but they just kept coming back until about the sixth time.

story two, we prayed for an hour and 15 minutes. It was our first lesson with this guy named Carlos and it was hot and after lunch and there was slow music playing that made us drowsy while he talked but he started telling about how his son had passed away and he had had tons and tons and tons of problems in the past. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation and invited him to pray at the end of the lesson. He made up every excuse not to. he told us he felt like a pharisee and other weird things that we shot down. after about 30 minutes of that we told him that we would kneel down and wait for him to pray. the spirit was so strong and had guided our words and responses so well throughout this lesson. i spoke spanish as if i had been born doing it. we felt that if he said this prayer he would change his life so we didnt give up and we ended up kneeeling down for an hour and 15 minutes! hahaha he finally broke and prayed. we will see how he does after this because that was on friday. 

something i am looking forward to this week is that i hit 100 days on wednesday! that is a mark! i am finally starting to have some time under me. The language is still difficult, i can understand almost perfectly but speaking gives me trouble. there is so much to learn hahah.

we committed 7 investigators to baptism this week. one family that is straight gold that will get married the 19th and then get baptized afterwards and then some others who are pretty solid too that i think will hold out. It is amazing to see these miracles happĂ©ning because at the start of this transfer we literally had nothing. i found a cool quote tht i would like to share that says {there is no education like adversity.} haah boy have i found that to be true. it reminds of a talk dad gave as a bishop where he talks about the tearing down of muscle fibers to rebuild them even stronger and i have just beeen trying to keep that in mind right now. because i sure have been torn down. 
 (A "dope" USU Bull on a taxi)

also i would encourage you guys to go and listen to the conference talk by elder bednar idk exactly what it is called but i think it is the 20 marc note. it is super cool and i found a lot of inspiration in that. 
 (La Mision)

i have a couple of requests though. my comp wants a quadruple in english idk if you can get one and send it or how expensive it is? he said he would pay me back. he might want his name on it too his name is {Yecid R. Gozalvez M.} thats what he wants on it. and another comp here wants a hymn book in english so if you could send me a couple that would be nice too. and send me a rubics cube for this kid. 
  (elder Gozalvez and me)

i am doing well and i am good. thanks for your prayers and support!

Much Love,
Elder Mortenson

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