Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 13

This week was alright. my new comp is elder gozalvez from la paz bolivia and he speaks zero english. luckily i can understand and know enough spanish to where we are fine. he is like your average video gamer stereotype. He likes to work really hard though which is fine with me it makes the time pass faster. We have been contacting a ton this week because our old investigators arent really progressing and we need new ones. and the lord blessed us with 17 new ones this week. we will see if they progress. We had an emergency transfer this week in our district and my comp from the ccm elder hunt came from the other side of our mission so that is awesome. we get to chill and enjoy ourselves again. i like our new zone and they love to play soccer which is fun. 

on saturday we had a zone attack. we went to a different area and the elders from the ccm came on splits with us and it was fun. somehow Josh King, from Preston that i used to play ball with on the Cache valley elite, was there and so we got to talk. he is headed to trujillo. it was kinda sad and funny to see the noobs struggle with spanish. i was just thankful that i could speak better than he could in the ccm holy! i encountered some ancient investigators that were taught by elder griffin when he was here in the area 27 de abril so that was cool. 

we had our 6 week training with the president this week and all it was was just a Q & A which was nice because we had a ton of questions. i fell off of a bus trying to get on because it was so packed and there was no where to hold onto. i am fine though, luckily i am nimble. 

randomly there was a line we saw in the street that literally was like 3 miles long of people all wearing Guns n Roses tshirts so i guess guns n roses is on a world tour ahahah idk why they came to peru. There was also an earthquake the same night but it was weak. 

i am struggling pretty badly rn. i know a lot of spanish and can understand but i still cant get to know people and it is so frustrating. i cant teach like i want to either but i will just keep working. it just sucks being on the bottom of the totempole as well. i mean i guess i have to start somewhere but it sucks. because i am brand new and dont know enough spanish i feel like i just get walked on. 

all i still know is that it could be worse. The dude who is like 24 served a mini mission before this which idk really how it works but it was for 9 months. i think it is kinda like dad said about the tongans, a test run. haha he has been gone for almost 3 years. and he just showed me his wedding anouncement with his gf who waited the whole time for him lol. they are getting married in february, such a long time. 

the thing i look forward to is knowing that one day i will like this. 

Much Love,
Elder Mortenson

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