Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 12

So there goes my first transfer. My new comp will arrive tomorrow morning. his His name is like elder Gonsalvez from Bolivia and he has only 6 months in the mish. we will see how it goes. it was kinda sad saying goodbye to E. Cruz this morning. he was really excited and nervous but there goes really one of the only people i know here in the mish. he was a really was a good guy and he taught me a ton of stuff. every companionship in our zone had a transfer so we will see who the new missionaries are tomorrow. 

This week has been busy. We didnt study at all because we had a multizone and meetings and we had to go to the office for Cruz. The days here go by like weeks and the weeks fly by like days. It is crazy that i am almost 3 months in. 

I got 3 packages this week. two from dad and one from marissa for my birthday! it was awesome. i have snacks enough to last me until christmas haha. I saved the small one for saturday morning and opened up new resistance bands to use! they are awesome. Our pension made me a cake and luckily mom sent me those candles because they couldnt find any here. as they say here for my birthday we had to [tirar la casa por la ventana] it was weird to celebrate alone but it kinda just passed like every other day as i am sure most holidays will. i am just really sad about missing Halloween as the first holiday in the mish. 

it is really hard not to look at the things i am missing or will miss while out here on the mission but i am trying to keep a good attitude. 

no real stories this week. i have met some of the most humble people ever but i have also met some of the most prideful ever. people think they know everything about the bible even when Cruz would wreck them haha. It is sad to see them like that. it is also frustrating to have everyone accept our message but not really want to hear. just say they don't have time. i think we are going to drop some investigators who arent progressing. 

haha so the childrens songs CDs were a great idea too. i am going to try to find a childrens hymn book at the temple when we go next month. Also, if you are going to send another package for christmas or something i could use another twirl a tie thing or two and popcorn and some mints like altoids because we cant chew gum. Thats it though. Maybe some starburst jelly beans. 

anyway, all is well here. i am just grinding away at the time here. 
Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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