Tuesday, October 18, 2016

 Week 11

So this week was actually the best yet i think! i went on a division with elder grover our zone leader and it was the most fun that i have had. i learned a ton and i had to direct the area which was a little scary but when Cruz leaves i will have to anyway haha. The story to go along with this is no one was home or had time to be taught so i was like yo there are these girls that we contacted forever ago right here and we could visit them. so we got a member to come with us and went in to teach. Anyway it was going well and i was teaching well but when i looked over at grover he had a super nervous look on his face and kept touching his nose and his ear. i found out later that that is the signal meaning ir nos -like we need to go. haha the chick had been drawing hearts in her notebook and looking over at him telling him how she needed to learn english and if he was going to come back to visit peru. turns out she had been like stroking his leg with her foot. anyway when we left she did the hand tickle handshake thing to him and he told me that i am never allowed to go back there ahhahaha. 

anyway he also showed me how to get our shower super hot so that is awesome because i had been showering in lukewarm stuff. it runs electricity through the water so you just have to use a super small amount of water. 

i was talking to the zone leaders about how grateful i am that they aren't pharisees like brett said so many were. They told me that i would definitely have some but they just tried to be as chill as possible. 

yesterday we did service for our landlord. he had us sweep the dust off the steps and the garage area and the roof of the apartment. lol i thought cleaning mom and dad's garage was bad. i have never seen so much dust in my life and they told me that compared to some areas it was nothing. i thought about how kelly harmon told me when we were hometeaching the last time that i would miss things like cleaning the garage and boy did he know what he was talking about lol. 

so i thought about how in the ccm elder nordfelt told us about his barn analogy with the mission. The first 6 months are straight up the wall, the next are just sloped upward on the roof, and then the next 6 are sloped down and the last 6 are just a drop off. haha i am still going straight up but i think that i am adjusting well. 

i popped my package open this morning and it sure was a spirit lifter. it was almost like christmas. haha you guys made my life so much easier here with all of that so thanks. and thanks for all of the birthday wishes too! i was thinking about how this isn't so bad. i will only be 20 when i get home. one of the elders here just turned 25 so i got off lucky. 

last pday we went to Grau which is in central zone. holy fetch i have never seen anything like it. they have blocks of stores just for like shoes and whatnot. and everything is fake nike and stuff but it is like alright quality and looks real so i think i will be buying some good stuff. I have never seen so many people in one place either. they say that central zone is one of the sickest zones because there are huge buildings and malls like that and also that it can be sketch too which would be cool. All i know is that from hearing the stories from the elders in my zone, i will have some aboslutely insane stories to tell haha and some that i might never want to tell.

Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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