Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Week 10

so this week was much better than the last! i think that i am starting to get the hang of things here. like it sucks being away from home and working all day everyday but this is pretty cool. there is never a dull day here because it is so crazy and there are so many people to teach. 

so i saw a dog get drilled by a bus this week on the main road by our house. it is like a 3 lane each way street with a grass median and the 
dog got hit and a lady ran out with a giant rice bag and picked it up while it was still twitching and ran away with it. haha i asked cruz if they were going to eat it and he just nodded and didn't say anything lol. 

i found out that my good pal from the ccm went home on tuesday, elder magee. i am actually pretty pissed that he gave out on us and left us here alone. i hope that i dont give out.

something that i noticed in conference as i have been going back over my notes was that James 1:5 was mentioned like 5 times during conference. i think that is an important thing to realize, that the brethren want us to find out for ourselves. that is all we can do out here in the mish is invite people to find out for themselves because they cant go off of our testimonies. 

i had a thought while reading the book of mormon this week as well. president boswell challenged us to read it again during our training and i am in alma right now. but i was reading mosiah chp 3 about the atonement and also chp 4:9-10 about believing in christ and also what i
t says in jacob chp 8. i dont remember exactly my thoughts haha but i thought that we cannot reject the scriptures or jesus. because he will be our judge and like it says in 2 nep 29:11 out of the scriptures he will judge us. shouldnt we know their teaching a little better then? its like a test that we have been given but we know exactly everything we will be tested on before. we have been given the outline. something we do here to reactivate inactives becaus there are sooooo many haha is encourage them to read for only 10 minutes a day and if they cant, at least 5 verses. who doesnt have time for that? 

so some stories about my comp real quick haha. he wears spf 50 sunscreen everyday even though the sun rarely comes out and he is one of the darkest peruvians that i have seen. idk haha. and so there is this burn mark on the floor of our room and i asked him about it and he told me that his last comps gf broke up with him and so he burned all of her pics on the floor lol. 

we committed Marco, a kid who speaks english and who i taught my first day here, to baptism on my birthday. i hope he keeps his commitment. he has a real problem with the law of chastity that i wont go into but i think he will do well. i will let you know. 

we were contacting last night and here in peru it is almost like church row in Page at lake powell. there are different little churches in garages everywhere. anyway we walked past this one and this lady had a microphone and was just screaming this spanish into it and all of the people were down on their knees just bawling. it was so frightening. i thank god everyday that i was born into the only true church. 

i am doing much better. i am starting to speak and cruz thinks that by next transfer i will be fine. i just have to take it day by day here. 

venga lo que sea,
elder mortenson

Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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