Thursday, August 25, 2016

Week 3

so i guess its been pretty chill this week. tbh we do the exact same thing every day so its like being in school all over again but we try to make it fun. its weird because here you feel a weird sense of loneliness even though you are stuck in such a small area with 900 missionaries in a city of 8 million people. no one really knows who you are and so it can be weird at times. it also feels like a definite brainwashing. we do TALL which is just language learning on the computers and even when you have to put sentences together and whatnot your sentence will have to say something like "i can be a better missionary if i follow the white handbook exactly." so that gets old too.

 but i am definitely making strides in the language. i am working on preterite vs. imperfect tenses right now and that is kinda hard. thanks goodness for mom and a big shoutout to my guy Marty Reeder for giving me a huge headstart in the language. i was trying to look at ways that the lord has blessed me in my calling and that is definitely one of them. also i hear that Lima West and North are really sketch and my mission has one of the nicest areas of La Molina so that is cool. i cant wait to get there and have a hobby at least. it will be nice to be able to collect ties and souvenirs and stuff lol i bought 2 today in the temple store and they are dope. 

i had a thought the other day while we were talking about movies in the house. i thought about adam sandlers line in the longest yard when he turns down the wardens offer to coach the guards team and he says "i just want to do my 4 years and go home." and i think that is exactly how it is with the mish haha jk but not really. 

if you guys want to send me packages in Lima i hear there is a website online that gives you sic ways to smuggle things into south america in packages without everything being stolen so go check that out. 

i have been lifting everyday with the other ballers in my district and it is nice. i have shed all of the fat i got before i came out and im not in too bad of shape but that wont last long. i think ive lost like 5 or 6 pounds so far just from stress and this crap mexican cafeteria food. 

Haircuts Today Hmmm
i remembered that i brought my horcrux book which none of you will understand what that is but it has a bunch of quotes and poems in it. i have been reading my poems and forget how much i love poetry so feel free to send me some. like "footsteps in the sand" and for mom, that one russian poem about missionaries would me nice.

it is weird being kind of alone here now. all of the SV kids bounced. i havent seen nathan anderson in a week and elder willmore bounced on monday night so it is sad. but we are like one of the oldest districts now so we kind of get to pick on the noob missionaries ahaha and we have a fun time with that. 

 Brett isnt allowed to get married while im gone because i want to meet the lucky chica before it happens. 

thanks for all of the love and whatnot.
Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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