Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week 2 

so this week was much better than the last. i have really felt the strength and comfort of the Lord. i am making really good friends with most of the guys in my house and we have tons of plans of what we want to do when we get home because one of the elders is from Vegas and has tons of access to stuff haha. This still kinda sucks though because we are only allowed to take pics on pday and we cant listen to any music or anything. thankfully elder roberts who is in our room is a good singer and elder gardiner can beatbox like nobody so ill spit some songs and they will go at it. 

i forgot to tell you all that i didnt even make it off the plane without having blisters from those brown shoes but they are good now. also, from being here i have begun to really appreciate the US missions. all i wanted was ghetto, spanish, and foreign but idk if i like it so much being here in the heart of mexico city. an elder here had a brother serve in the Lima west mission and he went and visited it and he said that is so poor and so trashy but the people were the nicest he had ever met. i guess we will see how i like it. 

i met a kid that is going to play OLB for usu when we get back. he is kinda a smaller poly so idk if he is that good. and somehow everyone in the ccm knows that i am headed to usu to play ball and ive met tons of usu fans so that is actually pretty cool.

last week at the temple i had this overwhelming feeling that i was so close to grandpa Clark. it was so weird. it has made me really happy though that i feel like he and Ramah are on the other side helping me out. the temple is such a cool place and i found out that the Lima temple actually isn't far from the mission home. 

this week the jokes have been about elder hunt, my companion and elder gardiner´s girlfriend. elder hunt doesn't wash his body he just rinses off. he cuffs his own pants and doesn't normally wear a belt so he looks really funny. he is gonna be that elder that comes home and pretends like he doesn't speak english so that people think he is cool or something. elder magee has started calling him a baller though and it is so funny. we are just trying to keep our senses of humor because there is no fun to be had here. my best friend is elder nordfelt he is a funny dude. he gave me a blessing and it was really good.

ive never washed my hands so much here or drank so much water before. it is good but kind of excessive so thank goodness dad has sent me all of those drinks. my house loves it. my language is still coming along well. i can say full thought out prayers and stuff and in our last lesson i taught so well. elder hunt and i are good at teaching. i easily speak and understand the best spanish in my district. elder hunt tries to act like the man even though during lessons he doesnt even understand what she says. teaching is the best part of the ccm. it doest suck haha. our classes here are like a full 4 years of seminary and spanish on roids fit into 6 weeks. 

in priesthood we practiced baptizing in spanish and stuff and that was fun. kinda awkward for me because elder hunt isnt much taller than a garden gnome. thank goodness i have woken up at 630 for school and 530 for seminary like my whole life. it wasnt difficult to adjust to that. most of the elders stay up super late and fall asleep during classes and the maestras get super mad. it is weird having to actually talk to people and get to know them for entertainment. usually there are other things but it has been fun telling stories and whatnot. 

btw happy anniversary mom and dad and happy birthday brett. if i could send you guys something i would but nothing here is cool. 

i got pooped on the other day by a bird during book of mormon study outside. i had to clean off my pants so that was fun. i was bored so i did some math for fun because it is always fun. i estimated some numbers and whatnot for eating and bathroom and sleeping plus pdays and i figured out that the total amount of missionary work out here is 12,969 hours. i also figured out that two years is about 63,082,000 seconds in total. im almost halfway through the ccm already. the weeks fly by but the days can be slow because we do pretty much the same thing every day. sundays are the best and tuesdays are good too. tuesdays are devotional and pizza night so it is nice to switch things up. 

anyway i am doing well and miss you all but i have received confimation on confirmation that i am supposed to be out here.

Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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