Friday, September 9, 2016

Week 4

Smelling the Roses
The days here are pretty much the same as all of the rest but i keep a list of stuff to say to actually keep you guys somewhat entertained. When we are struggling here we just think of the kid in Sky High the movie and how down he mustve felt when he thought he didnt have superpowers. we are all just waiting on our superpowers to kick in here lol. 

so i started reading the autobiography of parley p. pratt and that has been pretty cool. it has been very relatable because all he did was serve a mission his whole life, i cant imagine. it gives me a lot of hope in the power of god though. 

i encourage you all to find and watch a video called "finding your purpose in life: does faith matter? - His grace" that is just what it said when we watched it. it was really interesting. and i related it to Alma 10:27. Faith is so important and it is a gift from god when we are obedient. 

This week we had TRC which i dont know what it stands for but they bring in volunteers that can be members, nonmembers, or real investigators and we just get to go and talk to them. i had elder gardiner as my companion and it was rough because he speaks a very small amount of spanish and doesnt understand much more. but we met this like 22 year old girl named fernanda and she had a daughter and her bf had left her but she was a member and we just got to testify to her the power of prayer. we asked if she had any questions at the end and she asked us if we had any good ideas on how to get her atheist friend to pray. elder gardiner bore the simplest testimony in spanish and it was so powerful because he has friends who are the same. it was so cool to teach her and meet someone who wasnt stuck inside the ccm haha. 

in the ccm here i feel kinda like marshawn lynch in his one vine where he says "we was staying in a hotel next to a taco bell and i couldnt even get me no quesadilla!" because we are surrounded on the outside by legit mexican food and we have to eat yuck in here. Jake willmore says the food is good though in peru so im excited. We do so many companion swaps, elder nordfelt might as well be my companion.

it rains like you have never seen rain before. the streets here look like rivers afterwards its so cool. 

i shined my shoes for the first time ever this week. i think i found my new hobby. they arent the classy sic shoes i have at home but they will do and they look fresh afterward. 

i gave a talk in sacrament on sunday. they randomly call you up among your zone so you always have to have one prepared. it was pretty cool. couldnt tell you guys a thing i said but everyone said my spanish was amazing afterward ahahaha so that was cool. also, we are the oldest district in our zone now which is weird. we are gonna go from being the oldies to the noobs once we hit the field. 

i broke my glasses DABBING on some fools here (elder Bushman from SV lol) luckily they have super glue in the store so i am chill and you'd never even know. 

Hermana Scadlock in our district got really sick and could hardly talk or see and she asked elder hunt and i to give her a blessing. it was so cool. i only annointed her but the power of the priesthood was so evident. i was trembling afterward and literally within about an hour she was completely fine. the priesthood truly is the power of god on this earth and it is so important for the salvation of his children. i heard a quote that said "one day the only thing between the powers of satan and the family may be the head of the household and the melchizidek priesthood."

a quick S/O to the lil homie for keeping the #13 legacy alive on the field. Way to be a BOSS. wish i could be there but i will watch the highlights as they come. 

If you guys havent, go watch the video called The Testaments it is so important. the spirit here is so strong. i am living by the quote pay now play later. 

one last thing to lol at, i found a slick way to get some extra work in here, every time we kneel down to pray which is like 15 times a day, i do 5 pushups. 
Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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