Sunday, September 18, 2016

Peru Day 1

hey guys so i made it! the flight was so fetching long and we got here at like 6:30 in the morning and got through customs and whatnot. it is the most bizarre experience of my life. we had meetings at the mission home all day about the rules and whatnot and then we got our trainers and got in taxis and left to our areas. my trainer is elder cruz pronounce cruss and he has been out in the field for 22 months now so he will leave after he trains me. he is from some city in peru but he has learned english on the mish so that is nice because we can actually talk. i havent even had time to unpack and move in to the apartment. today we set a goal and i have to contact 5 people. i am super nervous. the traffic here is unlike anything you could imagine, even worse than mexico city. our district is Andahuaylas and our zone is santa anita and it is pretty ghetto. i think ive already counted lke 4 dogs with rabies and we have seen like 20. it is super dirty here and i took a bunch of pics but i will have to send them next pday because we are in this weird internet cafe and idk how to hook up my camera. i met our pentionist and her family and they seem really nice. it was really sad leaving all of my ccm homies at the mission home. the mission president is almost as tall as me and is a really really nice guy. except he wants everyone here in the mish to be equal so to use my debit card i have to get it approved through the financial secretary. i am so terrified of this place haha after looking forward to getting here for so long. it so unlike anything i have ever seen. one of the other white elders told me that it took him almost a year to get used to things as they are here but hopefully i can adjust much faster than that. please pray for me. 
Much Love,
Elder Mortenson

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