Monday, September 12, 2016

Goodbye Mexico-- Hello Peru

whats up hoodwrats?
so i fly out in like 3 hours and it is such a nice feeling. i cant wait to go have some adventures lol. 

so we decided to play a joke on one of the elders in our district who is a really funny guy. i had dad send me a package with a note to me from the elder's asian girlfriend haha. We have been setting it up for like 2 weeks now. i started with asking him if he knew my mortenson cousins who lived in kaysville and whatnot and we just kept it going until today. the package came and dad had written "elder mortenson you are the creme of the crop. you make me go nuts!" with creme soda and pistachios in the box. i sold it so well saying that maybe i had hung out with her once when i visited our cousins and they have mutual friends. i kept it going by saying that we had stolen our cousins phone and snapchatted his girlfriend like all night one time but i hadnt talked to her since. he was so confused and looked like he was about to cry. i told him as well that i had no idea why she would send me a package and to email her. sadly we broke after like 30 minutes of this but only after he told us "if what you are telling me is true, then my whole life/relationship is a lie." hahaha we got him so good and luckily he laughed it off.

nothing else has really gone on. we have had had plenty of testimony meetings which are always nice and a lot of devotionals. on last nights devotional we saw AGruff himself in the audience. it is nice to see familiar faces and i am sad to be leaving some of them here at the ccm, you know who you are Elder Ty Eskelson. 

anyway i will email you probably again sometime tomorrow at the mission pres. house or whatever and let you what its like and everything. 
Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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