Monday, July 31, 2017

Week 53

This was a good week. We went to the temple on Tuesday and that was fun. It always is nice to feel the spirit of the temple and come out refreshed. Afterward we went to Papa Johns and bought a full pizza for each one of us, it was awesome. 

On Wednesday, we went to the council of the twenty meeting. It was pretty interesting with President Amato. The flow wasn't the same as with the last president and he didn't know exactly what was going on, but it was still really good. We set our goal of 14 baptisms for the month of August. We were at 18 but we hadn't achieved it so we dropped down a little. I think we are pretty set this month though so it should go well. There are transfers which always excites everyone and there are no holidays so people shouldn't be going on vacation at the last minute. 
                             (this is a pic of our                                                                          Zone with Pres.  Amato and his family)
Thursday we just had district meeting and whatnot.  Sunday was a good day at church. We had a lot of our investigators come and participate. Tbh I didn't really pay attention to the talks, I just read my Book of Mormon. I'm in 3 Nephi now and going strong and also I finished the New Testament. I'm gonna start it over again when I finish the Book of Mormon and I'm gonna read it along with Jesus the Christ this time. I thought about reading the first five books of Moses in the OT but I figure I can do it later. I don't think I'll ever get to the Doctrine & Covenants because I'll probably never use it here in the mission. But I am learning a ton of cool stuff. 

Today was pretty good. We went and took out money this morning and then we went to Tottus, the grocery store. I'd just like to give a shout-out to mom for teaching me how to be a smart shopper even though I probably wasn't the smartest shopper at home. I bought a ton of breakfast food for like 60 soles and ended up saving a ton. To give you guys an idea we get 90  soles of personal money which is like $30 and then 105 for breakfast which is like $35, so we live off of nothing, and it's supposed to be enough for the whole month. I'm pretty sure I used to spend that much going to Chic-fil-a for lunch in a week! But anyway afterward we went to Pizza Hut and got these pizza roll/sandwich type things and then got haircuts again. My hair grows so fetching fast. 

We found out the Elder Oaks is going to come talk to us on the 9th of September so that will be cool! He is gonna come with the Presiding Bishop, I believe, as well as our area Seventy. 

I'll forward you guys the pics of us from the temple. This week I hit an actual year out so that is pretty cool. Kinda crazy to think that I'll never live these dates over again in the mission. 

We saw a little kid that was almost bald and had a purple head so that was interesting and Elder Farnsworth dropped his agenda in a poopy water stream in the middle of the road so that was the funniest thing that happened this week. It took a day to dry and a ton of cologne to cover the smell, but it still reeks. We also found a hidden pueblo in our area. We walked over a hill and down in the valley there are a bunch of hidden houses we didn't know about, so we are going to go open up a new area of our area. Kinda crazy. 

Anyway, all is well. Thanks for everything. 

Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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