Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 8

So this week has been difficult. It sure is hard to adjust to this brand new lifestyle. It really is baptism by fire and by immersion because i am drowning. I will get used to it sooner or later though. The fast yesterday sure helped me out. As soon as i can speak and understand i will be fine. 

Anyway i am doing well other than that. It is nice to forget about things when i go to work. I saw my first breast feed here. just on a bus with a ton of people like its no big deal. Dragonball Z is huge down here and everyone watches it so that is comforting hahaha. 

I forgot to tell you that the pentionists arent allowed to serve us pork etc. and they only cook with bottled water and we can only eat things that are in bottles or packages so i dont think i have to worry super bad. the food down here is really good. 

Some lady while we were walking down the street started yelling at me, "the Gringo" saying "American Gringo Gringo silla" but turned out to be C.I.A. va a morir (C.I.A. is going to die). i just told her i was australian and kept walking lol. haha she thought i was from the cia and was like spying or something. why would the USA want to know about this fetching country? There is nothing here! lol. 

next week should be good. the gringos are getting together and we are gonna watch conference in English and get snacks and stuff so i am excited to hear some english again. i had my first interview with the pres and he is such a good guy. he made me cry with the prayer he gave because it was so powerful. i have felt all of you guyses prayers in this last week so thank you. 

idk what the price is for that shipping but i would like/need some things. First, a lot of love haha. but really i need some dri fit socks, my long sleeve usu shirt, there is this nice Gold Bond lotion and baby powder if you can. There is no lotion here. If you could send me some lyrics in spanish to like if i could Hie to Kolob and savior redeemer of my soul so i can print them out that would be awesome. Idk what else. Can you find out the date that i am scheduled to leave haha? Can you send me a multitool as well? and some glasses cleaner with a rag and like another pair of my old shorts, and maybe just like some snack and other necessities you think i may need. 

anyway not much happened this week. We stayed out late last night trying to contact because we were missing a lot to reach our weekly goal of 50. it was actually fun and i am getting much more confident in contacting. 

like all of our investigators fell out on church this week which was unfortunate. we will have to do better in two weeks. 

i think my companion has ADD lol because he can never stop moving or clapping or making those weird noises with his mouth. idk. 

a lot of dust here. i saw the huge mountains for the first time. you wouldve thought we were in the middle of nowhere with how much fog and smog there is but it cleared up one afternoon and it sure made me miss our beautiful rockies and the smell of pine to that of smog. 
Much Love,

Elder Mortenson

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